Leadership Learning Community

residential photo of eddy hall

The community built on the residential floor supplements the classroom experience. Members of the LLC socialize, study, and support one another within the community. The LLC is further supported by:

  • Two Residence Assistants
  • Two Live-in Student Mentors



Academic classroom

First year students take an introductory UNIV 1810 course (1 credit)  while non-first year students take an UNIV 3820 course (1 credit) during the Fall and Spring. Topics include:

UNIV 1810

  • Personal Leadership Development
  • Time Management & Goal Setting
  • Group Dynamics
  • Civic Engagement

UNIV 3820

  • Transformational Leadership
  • Ethical Decision Making
  • Conflict Management
  • StrengthsQuest



The final component to the LLC includes the experiences provided outside of the classroom and residential community. Supported by the Leadership Office, students in the LLC have the opportunity to explore leadership in the real world. LLC events include:

  • Four Arrows Challenge Course Retreat
  • Learning Community Field Day
  • Leadership Lectures and Presentations
  • Residential House Meetings
  • Off-Campus Leadership Trips
  • LLC Spring Cup