Husky Outreach for Leadership Development, Understanding, and Pride (HOLDUP!) is a student-run leadership organization committed to helping Connecticut high-school students discover their own leadership potentials through engaging and educational workshop presentations.

Mission: To mentor high school students in the CT area in leadership, development, understanding and pride, while developing our own skills and values as leaders

Vision: We inspire high school students to develop and believe in themselves as leaders- now and in the future.

Contact Us: UConnHOLDUP@gmail.com

Applications for Spring 2020 are now closed. Please check back in Fall 2020!

Current and Former Participating High Schools:

Bentley (Manchester) High School
Bulkeley High School (Hartford)
Chippens Hill Middle School (Pen Pal Project)
East Hartford High School
Culinary Arts Academy (Hartford)
Sports and Medical Sciences Academy (Hartford)
RHAM High School (Hebron)
Connecticut IB Academy (East Hartford)

If you are an employee of an interested school, or know of an area high school that would benefit from the positive influence of a program like HOLDUP!, contact the Co-Chairs at UConnHOLDUP@gmail.com to set up a meeting and learn more!

2020-2021 Organizational Structure:

Natalee Brenner and Tim Mason
Committee Chairs

Leadership Development: Justin Sciplini
Content: Amayia Cordova
PR & Marketing: Jamie Galovich
Member Relations: Graham Rider

Field Trip Coordinator

Testimonials from High School Student Participants:
"I can definitely say this is a great program. I really got a lot out of the workshops. I want to commend all the presenters, you all really make a difference."
"HOLDUP! was fun and helped me with life challenges and how to be a better leader."
"The presenters helped me realize more about students in my school. They introduced me to a whole new group of people."
"HOLDUP! was a chance to have fun and learn at the same time."