We often joke in our office that April is the month of Banquets; that we could probably go the whole month without having to grocery shop. As the year winds down and folks get ready to finish up the year, we all take this time to celebrate our efforts over the academic year. We get dressed up, we eat some food, and we reflect together on what we’ve accomplished.

But so often this celebration focuses on the big things: the successful program, the service project, the transition of positional leadership, and the farewells to graduating seniors. We don’t always take the same time to recognize and appreciate the little acts of leadership and commitment that have contributed to our successes (perhaps because we don’t think they directly connect to our successes). The member who has never missed a meeting; the one who remembers birthdays. The member who steps in to help when help is needed; the one who trudges along silently, doing all that is asked of them.

While I like a good banquet, a good awards reception, a senior night, I love the smaller, quieter notes of recognition we give to each other. The genuine words of thankfulness, of appreciation, of gratitude. That’s why we started Student Leader Recognition Week, about three years ago. It was our attempt to recognize and appreciate the humble acts of leadership that happen on this campus everyday.

So this week, April 11-17th, the staff in the Leadership Office are attempting to recognize as many student leaders on campus for their dedication and commitment to the university and to the community.

Please take a moment to fill out this very brief form here to recognize a few of your peers for their leadership in all that they do.

If the link does not work, simply copy this link into your browser: http://sla.uconn.edu/slrw/

Throughout the week, we encourage you to tweet, post, and/or Instagram when you see student leadership happening on campus using #UConnLeads. A collection of the best photos, posts, and tweets will be compiled and shared on our social media sites. Visit our facebook page facebook.com/UConnLeads or follow us on twitter @UConnLeads to see if your contribution makes it!