One of the amazing parts of going to college is the abundant amount of opportunities that you can grab hold of, and run with, while spending time on your campus. For some, that is joining a student organization, going on an alternative break, doing research, or taking part in a variety of programs open for you to attend. For many, that opportunity also comes in the form of a job. Paying for all of those text books, credits, dealing with housing, and feeding yourself, among other expenses, weighs heavily on your wallet. Alleviating that pressure with a bi-weekly pay check makes college life a bit more manageable.

Have you also considered the other potential gains from a job rather than the new money in your bank account?

Finding that Unique Job

At this very moment you will find that there are 523 job openings at UConn. Ranging from basic clerical work to assisting in research in the neurobiology lab. It can be somewhat daunting to find that unique job that not only brings in the money but provides an experience that truly allows you to grow as an individual with an abundant set of transferable skills ready for the real world after graduation. The best part is you can find some of the greatest jobs out there that not only help you accomplish that goal but can be a ton of fun.

Possible Solution

I may be personally biased but I believe Student Activities houses some of those best jobs that you will find on any college campus especially here at UConn.

Hiring_WebBannerFortunately enough for all of you there is currently a set of three openings that not only provide an amazing environment to work in but are all uniquely qualified to assist in you personal growth (plus don’t forget the pay check). You would be doing yourself a disservice for at least not checking out these fantastic opportunities.


For Example, why should you consider working for Four Arrows?

Do you like the outdoors? Have you ever been on a ropes course? Have you taken part in any of our programs here at UConn and thought how does another student have this job? Well you aren’t the first to think up those questions nor will you be the last.  We asked our current student staff a variety of questions to give insight to some of those interested in learning about working as a Four Arrows Facilitator.

Why did you apply for this job?

  • First I get to work outdoors, second I get to work outdoors, and third I get to work outdoors.
  • I completed a program with my learning community and for the first time I had fun with an outdoor experience. I immediately asked afterwards when they were hiring next.
  • It was just so different then all of the other available jobs.
  • I was drawn to the leadership opportunities in facilitation.

What is your favorite part of this job?

  • Work with a fantastic staff which many if not all of us would call family.
  • I get to teach people about everyday skills by just guiding them through an experience.
  • Getting people out of their comfort zones and into their growth zones.
  • Seeing the journey participants go on from when they first arrive to the end of a course and how much growth has occurred for individuals and groups.
  • Building connections!

What is your favorite memory working at Four Arrows?

  • Jumping up the wall and grabbing hands with a fellow staff member was seriously epic.
  • First time completing the trust fall since I didn’t think I could do it but then learning I can overcome my fear.
  • When one of the participants in my group had an Ah Ha moment that I planted a seed for at the beginning of the course.
  • That time I received a hand written thank you card for giving others “the best experience ever”!
Some additional insights from our staff can be found on the Four Arrows Instagram AccountInstagram



Have Fun,

and Get Paid

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