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Leadership Certificate Series Application

Applications for the Fall 2017 Leadership Workshops will be accepted until Wednesday, September 13th. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

This semester the Leadership Office will offer the Discovery Leadership Program, The Student Leadership Challenge, and Emotionally Intelligent Leadership.  

The Discovery Leadership Program is designed for students at the beginning of their leadership journey who are interested in exploring and developing their leadership potential. The program will develop students’ leadership competencies through self-reflection, experiential learning, exploration of team dynamics, cross culture communication, and civic engagement.

The Student Leadership Challenge is designed for engaged student leaders who are looking to further develop their leadership skills and take their organization, community or program to the next level of excellence. Participants will develop their leadership skills by learning how the five practices of exemplary leadership; Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart.

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership (EIL) is designed to introduce students to the components of emotionally intelligent leadership. EIL allows an individual to identify and understand their own emotions and those of others, then appropriately manage and channel those emotions into interactions within a particular leadership context.

Each workshop runs for 9 weeks, starting the week of September 18th. You will select the night you wish to attend for the entire 9 weeks. Please be honest in answering all of the following questions. We value varying backgrounds and experiences and encourage all to apply. If you have any questions, please visit our website, email or call us at 860-486-6588.